How has COVID-19 affected the NFL

The world has gone through quite a bit of changes this 2020, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, where we are slowly getting adjusted to new rules and regulations. As you know, sports have not been the exception, where different countries have had to take distinct measures in order to continue providing the population with what they love the most. Stadium venues, television deals, athlete’s salaries and even sports betting have all had to adjust in order to continue their revenue streams in their particular industries, which is why the NFL has had to tackle their own strategy, in order to salvage the 20/21 season.

The National Football Association had a couple of previous strategies to use as their models, the problem is, an NFL team has over 50 players (plus the massive amount of staff), so an outbreak in a team can cause quite a bit of craziness around the league. The NBA created their own bubble, which proved to be a success, as they held their remaining season in the Disney facilities in Orlando, Florida. The NFL could never really create a bubble as the complexity of the sport would not allow it. This is why, NFL Commissioner, had to make big decisions in order to save the season.

But anyways, the NFL planned regular COVID-19 tests for everybody involved in the team, with the purpose of catching any infections before there was any type of outbreak inside each franchise.  If a player tests positive then the procedure will be to separate him from the team, and can only return to the team 10 days after the initial positive test. Once the player is clear and virus-free, he is able to rejoin his team and continue with regular testing thereafter.

Sportsbooks and bettors alike are thankful for the NFL season taking place despite the pandemic

As you know, the NFL season started on time with a full schedule throughout the season. This was great news for online sportsbooks and NFL bettors as this is the best part of the year for most betting enthusiasts. Not to mention, this created an income for professionals in handicapping with the goal of giving their clients winning NFL picks through choosing the right team on the point spread.

NFL gamblers need to be on the lookout as to who is available for games in a timely manner, as their winning NFL picks might take a hit if a crucial player is out do to injury or COVID. The NFL prepared itself for players missing games due to the virus, which is also why they expanded practice squad rosters to 16 players, which gives them leeway to have players on the inactive list.

Another important detail of this NFL season is their lack of international NFL games, which is pretty obvious if you think about it. So, London and Mexico City will have to wait until next year for a chance to host their annual football games. The preseason games have also been cancelled, as they did not want to create additional exposure and focus strictly on the season action.

Let’s not forget about the stadium fans! Only a handful of teams are allowing fans at a minimum capacity throughout the season, as other teams will see how the season develops in order to make a decision. There will still be fans chanting, but as a recordings, with the hopes of motivating the home teams to “feel” like there is some type of attendance.

All in all, the season so far has been successful and has had decent TV ratings up to Week 10. NFL bettors are also pleased with the decision of the league having a full season, so hopefully there are happier with their winning picks. Let’s cross our fingers the season is completed and we get to enjoy the sport we love so much.

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