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As you all know, one of the most popular activities when September comes is not only watching
and enjoying the NFL, but also betting on the football. There is nothing better than spending your
Sunday enjoying such an amazing sport such as football, but also trying to beat the bookie to close
out the week. Betting in football has been around for ages, be it through your local bookie, or by
signing up at an online sportsbook and funding your account during the season.

The beauty of this is that you can bet on anything you want in the NFL, meaning that if you love
the Kansas City Chiefs and you think they can win their next game, head on over and place your
bet. If you are a hometown Detroit Lions fan, well, you can still bet on them, even though I would
strongly advise against it!

In this article, OnlineSportsbookMarket will go over a couple of basic topics as to what type of bets
can you place when looking into betting in the NFL. For the seasoned better, this is a walk in the
park, but for the newbie, use this tutorial to broaden your knowledge when you are ready to enjoy
football on a whole other dimension.

What types of bets can I make on the NFL?
There are many types of bets, such as straight wagers, parlays, teasers, round robins, etc, but what
can I use those bets on when looking at an NFL game? Here are a couple of pointers and examples
of each type of bet.

NFL Moneyline Bets
A moneyline NFL bet is basically a bet you place when you want to select the outright winner of
the football game. Obviously, there will usually be a favorite and an underdog, which means that
each team in this matchup will have different odds. The bigger the favorite, the higher chance
they’ll win the game, which means the odds are lower; thus, your payout will be less. The bigger
the underdog is, the lesser chance they’ll win the game, meaning the odds to win are much higher;
this entails your payout will be higher.
Example: You have the Miami Dolphins (+130) visiting the Green Bay Packers (-150). You are
convinced the underdog Dolphins will bring home the victory, so you place a $100 bet on them.
Since the Dolphins are +130 then this means you are risking $100 to win $130, so if Miami wins
you are $130 richer than before. If you have a change of heart and want to take the Packers, then
you would need to risk $150 to win $100 based on the -150 odds on Green Bay.

NFL Bets on the Spread
Point spreads are probably the more traditional and popular betting format on the NFL. This is
different from moneyline bets as you don’t necessarily need to pick the outright winner, but have
to bet on the amount of points a team will win or lose by.

So, for example, you have the New York Jets visiting the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night
Football. The Raiders are favorites to win the game by at least 8 points, so the Raiders now has a –
8 spread line, which in turn, the Jets are +8. So, now, if you want to place a bet on the Raiders to
win by 8, and the final score is a win from Las Vegas by only 5 points, then you end up losing your
wager. The positive side about this is that either the positive or the negative spread is -110 odds,
so the risk will never be as risky as a moneyline bet.

NFL Bets on the Totals
This one is easy; you are basically placing an NFL bet on the total points scored by both teams
combined. This is also -110 odds for either the over or the under of the total points scored in the
game (including overtime).
So, if the sportsbook has the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens at 52 points in the
Totals. You have to place a bet if you feel they will score more or less than the 52 points. Here is
where you need to get smart and study up, because if a player like Patrick Mahomes is injured and
wont play, odds are the Chief’s offense will be bad and won’t score many points.

NFL Prop Bets
Ever heard of NFL bets related to the coin toss? Will it be heads or tails? Or have you ever heard of
bets related to how many touchdowns or yards will a specific player have in a game? Well, these
are prop bets, which basically focus on player performances or specific game events. These are
extremely fun to play with as the outcome of the game doesn’t really come into play here,
whereas the fun factor is 100% present.

NFL Future Bets
Have you ever been so convinced that a specific NFL is going to win the Super Bowl before the
season even starts? Have you ever had a hunch that a particular rookie is so good he will definitely
win the offensive rookie of the year award? Well, these are called Future NFL bets, which mean
that these are bets that are usually defined in the long term (end of the season). These are very
entertaining as you can usually place a bet and follow your bet throughout the whole season to
see if you’ll win or lose your prediction.

So, its simple, if you are convinced that Lamar Jackson (+800) from Baltimore, for example, will be
the MVP of the season, then all you need to do is place a bet on the player and wait until the
season ends to see if you won or not. In this scenario, let’s say you placed a $200 bet on this, if
Jackson wins, you’ll be paid a whopping $1600 for it. Sounds nice, right?

NFL Live Betting
Just because you forgot to place a bet before the game started, it doesn’t mean you
can’t bet anymore. Remember, most sportsbook nowadays offer live betting, so you can jump into
any moment at almost any point of the game, and place a bet. This works the same for spreads,
total points or moneylines.

For more from other sports betting tips, make sure you visit the rest of all the articles that
OnlineSportsbookMarket has for you to check out.

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