College Football Betting

One of America’s favorite pastimes is betting on football, but the NFL isn’t the only popular
football activity out there, we have College Football bets. In essence, bets on the NHL and NCAAF
are pretty much the same, the difference is that the number of teams out there to bet and the
quality differs from conference, division and individual team.

In college football, we have around 900 different teams, which are part of NCAA Division 1 (FBS),
FCS, Division 2 and Division 3. Most of the attention goes to Division 1 football teams as the bigger
schools and campuses dictate the amount of budget to invest in the football programs.

The truly important Division is the FBS, which is comprised by 124 teams and 11 conferences. We
have well known conferences such as the Big 10, Pac-12, Big East, Big XII, etc. All in all, each team
has a scheduled slate of games during the season, which then leads them a multiple bowl games
that mean basically mean the end of the season. Each bowl game has a different meaning each
year, which also determines which two teams will be participating in the Championship game, the
crowns the best team in the country.

This article is to teach you how to bet on College Football, so we’ll leave the details of the
collegiate structure here and focus on you and your preparations for winning some bets.

How to bet on College Football?
Simple, you can partake in straight wagers through spreads, over/under from totals, moneyline
picks, props bets, futures, teasers and live betting. Each one of these has its own easy explanation
and you can bet on any quarter or half you want. The further along in the season, the more
intense these games get, so make sure you choose wisely during the regular season as well as the
coveted bowl games.

College Football Spread bets
Just like the NFL, oddsmakers place a spread line on each game that determines the favorite and
the underdog. The higher the spread is for a team, the bigger disparity we have amongst the
teams playing each other. If Alabama is playing Ball State, and the spread line is Alabama -24, this
means that Ball State is +24, so odds are Alabama is going to destroy their opponent, the question
is by how much.

College Football Moneyline bets
These bets are clear as day, as you’ll only have to choose the winner of the game. There isn’t much
science here expect for the fact that you’ll sometimes encounter such a huge favorite for a
particular game, that sportsbook wont even add a moneyline bet here just because its such a sure
thing. If you ever noticed that there isn’t a moneyline here is probably because of the fact that its
not really worth it to risk it from an oddsmakers standpoint.

College Football Parlay bets

Parlay bets is exactly the same for every sport, all you need to do is hook up a combination of bets,
enter the risk amount you want to place, and cross your fingers you’ll win your selections. The
higher amount of bets you place on a parlay will make the payout juicier, but at the same time, the
more selections means the harder it will be to win.

College Football Teaser bets
Teaser bets are allowed specifically for football and basketball sports. Its just like a parlay except
you r “buying” points off or on the spread line. So, if you choose a 3 team 10-point teaser, the
bettor will need to select 3 spread lines or totals, with a cutoff of 10 points from the spread. So, if
you choose Clemson -11 on a teaser, they’ll become a -1 favorite to win.

College Football Bowl bets
This is where games matter the most probably, so get ready for some tight games across the many
bowl games you’ll encounter. These bowl games usually start mid-December and end with the
Championship game at the beginning of January. These are just normal games in essence, so you’ll
be able to make any normal bet from which we mentioned earlier on in this article.

What’s beautiful about College Football betting is the incredibly huge schedules played on
Saturdays. You’ll have so many games to choose from, it can even become a bit intimidating. Just
remember, don’t bet on every game, choose wisely and wait for a good opportunity to use up your
bankroll with the hopes of increasing it. For more, news, tips and juicy content, be sure to check
out OnlineSportsbookMarket.

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