NBA Betting

Basketball and the NBA has rapidly grown in terms of popularity in the sports betting world with
ongoing TV ratings spikes and more noise on social media than any other sport. The world has
definitely turned its attention on the never-dying dynasty from Steph Curry and the Warriors, the
legacy of Lebron James’ final stage of his career, and the toxicity that Kyrie Irving is bring to the
league with his crazy behavior. All in all, it’s a place where bettors focus on during the off days
from Football and constant daily action for 8 months out of the year.

Same as other sports, betting in the NBA is a forefront of action, with a plethora of options when it
comes to betting types and styles. You can always do the traditional straight bet on the spreads, or
you can jump on the bandwagon of 4-bet parlays of “who’s going to score the first basket of the
game?” As with the sport itself, you can bet on any type of action at any point of the game,
anything from bets per quarter, per half, full game, live betting and then season type bets such as
futures and props.

We’ll cover the basics here with some interesting ways of placing your NBA wagers, so pay
attention and let’s get to the drawing board.

NBA Points Spread Betting
As with most sports, bets on spreads are one of the basic types of placing wagers. Basically, a bet
on spreads is focus on particular game matchups, and is set as the point difference that the
sportsbook set between the teams facing each other.
Here is a quick example, let’s say Zion Williamson and the Pelicans are facing Bradley Beal and the
Wizards. In this matchup, New Orleans is favored to win the game by at least ten points, so they
have a – spread line, whereas the Wizards are the underdogs at +10 points. If you place a wager
on Zion and his team, they’ll need to win the game by more than 10 points in order to have a
successful bet. If you select the Wizards here, you can either win the game and you’ll be the victor
OR you can lose the game but not by 10 points or more. Easy right?

NBA Point Totals
Betting on NBA point totals is just like other sports as well, you bet on the total score from both
teams facing each other. For example purposes, you see Steph and the Warriors facing Kevin
Durant and the Nets. The oddsmakers set the point total at 225, so you either have to choose the
over or the under here. If you feel this game will be slow and defensive, make sure to take the
under, but if you feel its going to be a scoring rampage between them, go with the over. In this
case, both teams have great scorers, so the over wouldn’t be a bad idea.

NBA Player Prop Betting

Its popular to bet on individual stats from players, as bettors like to not only see the outcome of
the game, but also putting their attention on particular players. You can bet on over/under of
basically any stat, such as points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, fouls, shooting attempts,
etc. You can even parlay two or more bets together for a higher payout, but be weary, you lose
one of those picks and say farewell to your betting balance.

NBA Money line Bets
No science here, you select the team you think is going to win and place a bet with a payout that’s
determined by the odds.

NBA Parlay Betting
This is a fun activity with a high risk-high reward function. The more bets you tie into a parlay, the
bigger and better the payout out will be, however, the riskier it gets to be successful as you need
to get all your bets correct in order to win. Usually, sportsbook will let you combine up to 8 bets in
a parlay, whereas others restrict you to 4-6 bets per parlay.

These are the main types of NBA bets you can find when looking into basketball activity, so make
sure you read up on the rest of the sports that OnlineSportsbookMarket has to offer.

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