Mid-season NFL Odds to win Superbowl 55

We’re coming around the bend on Week 10 in the 20/21 NFL season and we’re already seeing some teams position themselves as favorites to win this year’s Lombardi Trophy. There’s still much to prove in the coming weeks, but we’re starting to see some interesting storylines of teams getting ahead of the pack. In this article, we’ll tackle which teams have the best odds to win this year’s Superbowl and recommend a few winning NFL picks along the way.

There are no surprises from teams such as the New York Jets (0-9), Detroit Lions (3-5) and the New York Giants (2-7), as we really haven’t seen much from them over the years. Other teams have actually surprised us as far as their underwhelming performance so far this season, for example, the 49ers (4-5) were last year’s Superbowl finalists, so having them at the bottom of the NFC West is alarming. Another team who tends to under-perform due to their high expectations are the Dallas Cowboys (2-7), who started off on the right foot, but then took two steps back in the opposite direction. If you are looking for winning NFL picks, we recommend you steer clear from the teams mentioned just now.

Then we have those teams who are a pleasant surprise to see at the top. Those teams have held their own in the first 9 weeks and now have a chance to cement themselves in the standings heading into the playoffs. This affects how bets are placed on these teams as oddsmakers are now labeling them as heavy favorites, making their point spreads become a bit risky if you are thinking about betting on them.

Let’s go over the top 5 teams with the best odds to win the 55th edition of the Superbowl this season.


Kansas City Chiefs +325

The defending NFL champions have all the rights to be considered favorites this campaign, as their star QB, Patrick Mahomes, has continually improved, especially in his decision-making and maturity. They are currently leading the AFC West with an 8-1 record, having only lost to the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 5. The Chiefs are also frontrunners in some major offensive categories, such as total yards and total points.

Another player who has stood out to help the Chiefs have the top betting odds to win the title, is their Running Back, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who is 6th in rushing attempts and 4th in rushing yards. Other standouts for Kansas City are Tight End Travis Kelce and Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill.

We’ll see how their season ends as they still have some tough tests ahead before playoffs. Sportsbook will have them favorites in the betting lines against the Bucs in Week 11 and Saints in Week 14, nonetheless, they’ll still be tough tests along the way.

Pittsburg Steelers +500

There’s much to be excited about the Steelers so far this season, as they are the only undefeated team left in the NFL. If you look into their games so far, they’ve already beaten the Baltimore Ravens, the Tennessee Titans and the Cleveland Browns. We aren’t saying these are amazing teams, but at least they have shown their worth against relatively good rivals. We expect them to continue having a good season behind their strong defense, which is led by TJ Watt, Stephon Tuitt and Bud Dupree.  

New Orleans Saints +600   

At some point we need to seriously consider Drew Brees as a GOAT contender, right? The only thing holding him back from contention is his lack of Superbowl rings (only one so far). At 41 years old, he continues to carry his Saints into the top spots in the standings, and straight into the playoffs, we’ll just see how far they can go this season. They currently lead the NFC South over his longtime rival Tom Brady, who by the way, has beaten twice already this season. A +600 NFL Future Bet on the Saints is actually not a bad idea, given the fact that Brees has the skills and experience to make a final push in his career. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +700

Speaking of the Bucs, here we have them as one of the favorites to win the Superbowl this season. We all know Tom brady is in the twilight of his career, but we also know how good he is as a leader and as a quarterback. The team is currently 6-3 and trailing the Saints in their division, however, their remaining schedule shouldn’t present any major difficulties as their only real test will be the Kansas City Chiefs.

Baltimore Ravens +800

The defending MVP, Lamar Jackson, is one of those players who won’t quit until he gets what he wants, and it appears that he wants a Superbowl ring. NFL football bettors have taken a liking on the Ravens this season as their point spreads are approachable by the oddsmakers. They are currently 6-2, with their only two losses coming at the hands of the Chiefs and the Steelers. The remainder of their regular season will put them in battle against Pittsburg, where they’ll look for revenge from their first meeting loss. If they are able to get the victory against them, their odds to win it all should dramatically increase. You might want to place your pick quickly on the Ravens before that happens so you can get a good return on your wagers.

There are a couple of teams that were left off the list, such as the Buffalo Bills (7-2), Tennessee Titans (6-2), Green Bay Packers (6-2) and the Seattle Seahawks (6-2). Why didn’t these teams make the final cut? We’d think they are still missing that x-factor to go with their raw talent, which doesn’t mean these aren’t great picks to bet on week after week, but we are still waiting to see more from them this season. We’ll see if Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers can cement their teams as favorites as the season comes along.

Our recommended pick to win the Superbowl has to be the Kansas City Chiefs, as they have the talent, the skill set and the hunger to become a future dynasty in the NFL. The problem is, anything can happen in the playoffs, as one bad game can ruin your odds, your NFL bets and your season.

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